Thursday, August 19, 2010

My New Room

i have a new room. and caroline went in my room last night and wanted to sleep with me. yesterday was daddys birthday and we had cake. school starts soon. i am excited to be in first grade. my birthday is coming and i will be 7 soon.
I like this cake!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Favorites (Right Now)

My favorite color is red. My favorite movie right now is Napoleon Dynamite.

My favorite TV shows are Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs. My favorite food right now is chicken and meatloaf. my favorite drink is lemonade milk and water and juice. My favorite toy is legos. I LOVE LEGOS! My favorite book is the Pigeon books. My favorite car is a monster truck. I like the green ones with skulls on them. My favorite friends are Nate, Ethan K., Brady, Logan, Dawson and Carly. My favorite part of church is primary sharing time. My favorite T shirt is a tie-died shirt.
My favorite silly band is a rocket.
My favorite place to visit is the Sprinkler park and my friend's houses. My favorite thing about Daddy is that he plays games with me. My favorite thing about Mommy is that she takes care of me. My favorite thing about Parker is that he is funny. My favorite thing about Caroline is that she talks funny. My favorite place in my house is the office. My favorite thing to do outside is ride my bike.

Today August 9

My cousins came over today and I got to stay up late. I got to watch Dirty Jobs. This morning we went to the free movie. It was Scooby Doo. Then we went home and played.

Jenny came home from college. I am happy about that.

Mommy said maybe I can have the office for my room soon. that would be AWESOME!